Having assigned different genres each group decided to merge everything into one movie. The movie is a mix of romance, tragedy, horror and drama.

It is a story of a plane crash where the survivors landed into this mysterious island. Together they figure out how to leave the place and go back home.

To add some thrill and a little bit of horror, there were creatures (canibals) living in the island. One by one each of the survivors was chased and killed.

Watch the video to find out what how it ends.



I am very much privileged to be a part of the production team which is an important element for the team to deliver an effective spine-chilling movie.

The location was very nice and fits perfectly to the movie’s setting. The shoots were very fun and each of us enjoyed the process.

Assuming that this will be the last movie that we will make as a team (blockmates), we really gave our best to realize the goals that we have set in this project.

I hope you enjoyed watching šŸ™‚

My Favorite OPM Song

Feeling a little bit blue these days because of this crazy weather your heart can totally relate to? These lines from my favorite OPM song will surely give you all the feels you need today and for the coming days.

We all have this habit of making ourselves sadder when we’re already slummed. But fear not, because ‘pain needs to be felt’ as they say, I’ll help you go through this process.


The lines from this song really got me as I was once also been in a stage where I asked why we need to get hurt when we love.

Watch the video here:

Wonders of Sapang Dalaga

The Sapang Dalaga Shrine



Christ the Redeemer

Srategically located at Barangay Caluya with approximate distance of 2 km. from the National Highway. The Shrine is replica of the Christ the Redeemer of RIO DEĀ JANEIRO, BRAZIL. It is located on the high ground of Barangay Caluya, overlooking the bay view of Murciellagos Bay, Dioyo River & Mt. Malindang.



Baga Falls

Located at Barangay Tabinas which is 1.8 km from the Poblacion. This 60ft high waterfall is framed in a green sitting of trees and boulders. Cottages are in place suited for get together and relaxation.